How Long Does It Take to See Search Results on Google?

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Ranking Your Dental Website on Google How Long Does It Actually Take? This question comes up over and over again and for good reason.  As the CEO of your dental practice, you need to know how quickly your investment in digital marketing will pay off. How soon will people be able to take advantage of [...]

SEO for Dentists in Chicago, Illinois

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Dentist SEO in Chicago As one of the over 2000 dentists in the Chicago area, and in this digital day and age, it is imperative that you and your practice are able to be found online.  One way to do this effectively is by having a website that represents your practice well, and to have [...]

5 Best Tips to Increase Rankings with Local Dental SEO (Learn How!)

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5 Tips for your Local Dental SEO Running a dental practice and collecting leads for new business is often seen as one of the more difficult conundrums dental professionals face in the field. Add to that, the difficulty of using SEO optimization to bring in new patients, and things start to really get tricky.   [...]

How To Write an SEO Friendly URL

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