I am really lucky to have been referred to Dru for his help in developing the brand of my new orthodontic practice, logo design, website creation, and overall creative support. The SEO Dentist is unique in their personalized support, unique designs, and amazing customer service. I’ve worked with some of the large dental and orthodontic website design and SEO services and they really don’t care about making your website fit your personality; rather they make your personality fit their stock websites. I have strongly recommended Dru to many of my colleagues and the residents I help train and will continue to do so. If you need creative guidance in any industry, dentistry or otherwise, The SEO Dentist is the only place to go!
Glenn Cohen
The SEO Dentist has done a lot of work for my ortho practice including logo development, website, SEO, and marketing material. I have been very happy with the results we have have got from them. Dru has been a pleasure to work with and has been extremely accommodating for time sensitive material. He definitely exceeds expectations. I would recommend the SEO Dentist to everyone.
Douglas Shaw
Dru has been amazing at helping me brand my orthodontic practice. I set up shop and asked Dru to help me. Within days, there was so much already in motion and he’s so simple to chat with and extremely accessible. I recommend his company very, very highly. You cannot go wrong working with him. He’ll always have your best interests in mind.
Glenn Krieger
When I started at South Hills Dental in Helena, MT we had a very limited web presence. Since hiring Dru to take over all of our SEO work we have seen a drastic increase in our web presence. We now have 20 keywords that we rank 1st or 2nd in the Helena area. Dru is not only very competent, but also extremely available for his clients. I think of Dru as a trusted friend, yet we have never met in person. The SEO Dentist and Dru have been a total game changer for us, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to increase their web presence
James Bisom
I had the best experience working with Dru and his team. The level of customer service is above and beyond, and their work is the best. They work really hard to give their clients exactly what they need and want.
Keila Rodriguez
The team at The SEO Dentist is first class. They work harder than anyone else I have worked with when developing websites and SEO platforms. You can trust what they say and they back it up with a fantastic product. In a world of not always knowing what you are getting when it comes to website development and SEO, they stand alone with a transparent, honest approach. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will be recommending them exclusively for my clients.
Jake Maes