SOAR High Above The Rest WitH Our Dental SEO services.

Start Getting More Of The Clients You Want For 2018 And Beyond
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Soar High Above The Rest With Our Dental SEO services.

Start Getting More Of The Clients You Want For 2018 And Beyond
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We proudly work with...

Why choose us over other dental seo agencies?

In our industry, these qualities are very hard to find, and they matter.


We only work with practices that we are confident we will bring a positive return on investment to. Before any campaign is proposed, we run a complimentary ROI analysis to find the potential in your area for growth. If the numbers don’t make sense, we don’t move forward.


One of the biggest complaints we hear is that dental practitioners never know what is going on with an SEO company. We solved this problem with our complete transparency guarantee. We provide reporting on everything we are doing – so you know exactly what is happening, when its happening, and what is scheduled for the next parts of your campaign.


We have 5 different guarantees – all specifically created to make sure you have a AWESOME experience, get the results you are looking for, and feel confident that working with us will be such a positive experience that you will want to refer us to your friends and colleagues.


We know that our business relies on happy (satisfied) customers, and we don’t take that notion lightly. We are available all the time to help you with any questions, concerns, explanations, etc. that you may want or need. Calling us is almost like calling a buddy for advice. We’re here to help and happy to do so!

of TSD versus other Dental SEO agencies.

Would you hire a mediocre oral surgeon? Probably not.

The same goes for hiring a dental SEO agency.

We believe in results. Not false promises.

Other dental SEO companies depend on dizzying tech lingo and huge marketing budgets. Not The SEO Dentist.

Clermont Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dental office located in a very competitive marketplace. They needed a boost and we delivered.

Top google rankings

We achieved numerous page 1 rankings for a handful of competitive keywords.

new clients

With Page 1 Rankings came more patients ringing their office.

9x roi

In addition to a very successful SEO campaign. We also ran them an AdWords campaign bringing them a 9X ROI.

Google is always evolving, so are we.

Dentist SEO, done by certified professionals.

We’ve been successfully ranking websites, and growing businesses using search engine marketing for years. We understand how SEO is a constantly changing craft, and so, we are constantly testing, learning and innovating so our ranking strategy always provides results.

Our Director of SEO, is an avid contributor to numerous SEO & marketing groups online – teaching hundreds of agencies around the globe the strategies that work in today’s environment. 

We are the first to know about changes to Google algorithims, and how to properly adjust to them to make sure your website is being ranked favorably in Google, and positioned to get the most possible traffic in your market.

The SEO Dentist is not a giant marketing agency, on purpose. We focus on a very small section of the market – dental professionals. And for this reason, we outpace every other SEO agency that is trying to help dentists, lawyers, plumbers, and anyone who will walk through their door. 

We designed The SEO Dentist specifically to avoid all these traditional pitfalls of working with a huge agency. We don’t have  confusing phone systems, poorly-trained account managers, employee churn, or any of the other annoyances that come with working with a “we do it all” agency.

We prefer to form close, long-term relationships with our clients and keep an open line of communication at all times.

The SEO Dentist LLC is proudly a Google Partner. We’ve been certified in both search and display advertising

Local SEO isn’t magic, it’s strategy.

Here’s what is really involved in local search…

Links are almost like a shoutout on the internet. Much like a shoutout from the right person, a link from the right site can help your website show up in Google’s organic search results and map pack. However, spammy links will get your site penalized, with no notification by Google - other than your website disappearing from Google. Our dental SEO strategy is unmatched in executing link-building campaigns that get your site the attention of high-quality authority websites. We mix content marketing, publicity and local engagement to help you outperform your competition online. Once the fundamentals are built, your local SEO strategy needs quality links to deliver maximum ROI.

Link Building and Acquisition

Google Map can be tough. A fantastic Google Listing will help potential patients find your dental practice more easily online. We’ve spent years studying all of the little nuances that go into a robust Google Listing and continue to R&D with Google's ever-changing algorithm. Through experience, we’ve also identified things that don’t help, or even hurt your Google Listing. If you want to increase the chance of showing up in Google’s Map 3-Pack, let's get to work!

Google My Business Optimization

Our in-house team is some of the best technical SEO experts in the industry. Why? Because they actually understand the inner workings of every website. Where other dental SEO agencies fall flat, we're able to open up your site and find problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Our website's architecture incorporates all the technical stuff that you need to be successfully noticed by Google. From the backend development to the way your website looks and functions, it will be optimized for powerful results.

Website Optimization

Your patients and Google pay close attention to your online reviews. In fact, negative reviews can completely destroy even the best SEO campaign. Unfortunately, every business gets a negative review from time to time (usually from an ex-employee). Thankfully, the best way to handle a negative online review can actually help you win over new patients. Our expert Team knows how to help you keep negative reviews to a minimum, by driving real, positive reviews to all the right places. We help successful dental practices maintain their online reputation with customers and Google – ensuring our SEO work delivers strong results.

Reviews & Reputation Management

AdWords and Facebook ads can generate a massive surge in office phone calls – if they’re created and managed properly. The SEO Dentist has helped our clients effectively manage millions of dollars in ad spend. We know how to balance aggressive tactics with dollar-saving execution. We help clients set up call tracking, landing pages, conversion reporting and other tools to ensure you can carefully track and appreciate how powerful our ad campaigns are – while quickly identifying and stopping underperforming campaigns that are costing you money.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

The SEO Dentist Difference


Our time tested formula has been built over 5+ years working exclusively with dental practitioners who compete in big cities and super competitive markets.


Lots of trial and error while they figure things out on your dime, while your website sits on page 5 of Google.


95% of our staff is In house which means you get accountable professionals who deliver quality work in a timeley manner.

Outsourced to multiple overseas companies with no quality check which results low quality work that produces sporatic and mediocre results.

Link building

We build the highest quality and authoritative links possible. We’ve scored our clients links from some of the most well known media outlets in the nation, including Inc, HuffingtonPost, American Dental, and many others. In a nutshell, we build links that pack a serious punch.

No link building at all or even worse, tired and lazy tactics like “We submit your site to over a 100 directories”.


Monthly reports are delivered to your inbox showing every work item completed by our team for your practice. We are happy to explain when needed so you can trust we are hard at work getting tangible results.

No reporting at all or at best a keyword rankings report which tells you very little about what work is being done.


We’ll never work with two competing dental practices, so if your competitor calls us, we tell sorry we can't help.

“If you pay us money you can be our client!”, which means you have no real competitive advantage when you do get great results.

Results Guranteed

Our clients get the results they are searching for, within the reasonable time frame we set out from the campaign launch.

“If we give it another couple months I think we should see some improvement.”

Get A Free Proposal.

The SEO Dentist Process

1. Learn & Plan

Your business is unique.

Before we begin any marketing first perform comprehensive research about your market, location, competitors and customers.

With the dozens of dental professionals we have worked with, every one of them had some issue or challenge that made it unique – which is exactly why we never take a “one size fits all” approach with our clients.

In the learn phase, we address over 120 different items to give us an accurate audit & understanding of the key elements which will make your campaign successful. 

Once we have a clear picture of everything that will be involved with your SEO campaign we craft a strategy to address the challeneges, and measure the success.

2. Implement

This is where the action happens.

We take all the data we collected from the Learn phase and we put your campaign in motion.

We typically begin by fixing any glaring technical errors we found. Next, we set-up and optimize analytics & measurement platforms.

After we fix your technical issues, we begin to optimize your on-page seo, start foundational link building activities, and even execute some initial social branding initiatives.

3. Promote & Grow

You can have the greatest service on the planet, but if you don’t have a plan to get people to your website it won’t be around for long.

This is where promotion comes into play.

We find & promote your business in relevant communities, blogs, periodicals, industry relevant directories, and other websites where your potential customers are.

Not only does this build brand awareness, it also drives traffic, builds word of mouth value, and of course – helps us acquire backlinks.

We also work to syndicate your newsworthy content across various online platforms and periodicals that help solidify your practice as the trusted place to go (in your customer’s eyes and in Google’s)

4. Analyze & Report

​Reporting is probably the #1 most overlooked parts of a solid business relationship that we see when consulting with other SEO agencies.

We value transparency & have created a reporting processes to reflect that.

We provide you with access to information presented in an easy-to-understand manner, so we don’t need to waste valuable time on the phone going over what has been done, and what to expect next.

Everything you’ll ever want to know is provided to your in a variety of formats that you can check in real-time, at your leisure.

What do our clients think of us?

Dru has been amazing at helping me brand my orthodontic practice. I set up shop and asked Dru to help me. Within days, there was so much already in motion and he's so simple to chat with and extremely accessible. I recommend his company very, very highly. You cannot go wrong working with him. He'll always have your best interests in mind.

Dr Glenn Krieger
Krieger Orthodontics

Dru and his team are fantastic! SEO has been managing our website and e-mail server for roughly 2 years and the results have been terrific. We couldn't be any happier! If you need effective online marketing, the SEO Dentist should be your first call

Joel Maes, DDS,
South Hills Dental

The team at The SEO Dentist is first class. They work harder than anyone else I have worked with when developing websites and SEO platforms. You can trust what they say and they back it up with a fantastic product. In a world of not always knowing what you are getting when it comes to website development and SEO, they stand alone with a transparent, honest approach. I couldn't be happier with the results. I will be recommending them exclusively for my clients.

Mr Jake Maes
Hired Gums Dental

I am really lucky to have been referred to TSD for their help in developing the brand of my new orthodontic practice, logo design, website creation, and overall creative support. The SEO Dentist is unique in their personalized support, unique designs, and amazing customer service. I've worked with some of the large dental and orthodontic website design and SEO services and they really don't care about making your website fit your personality; rather they make your personality fit their stock websites. I have strongly recommended Dru to many of my colleagues and the residents I help train and will continue to do so. If you need creative guidance in any industry, dentistry or otherwise, The SEO Dentist is the only place to go!

Dr Glenn Cohen

Dru and his SEO team were extremely helpful. They work so hard and make sure that you are 100% satisfied when developing your website and SEO platform. They definitely made it easier for me to understand the SEO world. I couldn't be happier with my results. I'll be recommending them to anyone working on creating a website.

Irene Calderon
Small Practice Owner

They SEO Dentist has been very helpful throughout the entire sign up process. He was very patient and seems very knowledgeable about digital marketing and SEO processes. He did a great job explaining how SEO works in simpler terms. Very impressed so far!

Dr Winston Faltine
Mirabella Smiles

When I started at South Hills Dental in Helena, MT we had a very limited web presence.  Since hiring Dru to take over all of our SEO work we have seen a drastic increase in our web presence.  We now have 20 keywords that we rank 1st or 2nd in the Helena area.  Dru is not only very competent, but also extremely available for his clients.  I think of Dru as a trusted friend, yet we have never met in person.  The SEO Dentist and Dru have been a total game changer for us, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to increase their web presence.  

James Bisom : Office Manager
South Hills Dental in Helena, MT

The SEO Dentist has done a lot of work for my ortho practice including logo development, website, SEO, and marketing material. I have been very happy with the results we have got from them. Dru has been a pleasure to work with and has been extremely accommodating for time-sensitive material. He definitely exceeds expectations. I would recommend the SEO Dentist to everyone

Dr. Douglas R Shaw DDS, MS
Shaw Smiles Orthdontics

Experience Matters.

In addition to our services a key differentiator of The SEO Dentist is the core values on which we run The SEO Dentist:

Dru Mikkelsen

Dru Mikkelsen

Founder & Business Development

Sage Mauk

Sage Mauk

Client Relations & SEO

Dru Mikkelsen

Dru Mikkelsen

Founder & Business Development

Sage Mauk

Sage Mauk

Client Relations & SEO

Does my practice need SEO?
Unless you are no longer accepting clients, you need to generate new business. 80% of people use search engines to find dentists, orthodontists, etc. and the way to show up is through SEO. That said, there are different levels of SEO. The more competitive the market your market, the more “SEO work” you will need in order to be competitive and rank favorably. We are experts at evaluating the competitiveness of industries and will be happy to provide you an assessment of what resources you will need to allocate to your SEO to have a successful campaign.
Will Local SEO Bring Me More Clients?
Absolutely. Regardless of your specific practice area, people are searching for the products and services you provide. They are searching on their laptops, computers and smartphones every single day for a qualified dentist to help them. If you don’t appear in the local results when people search for the services you provide, all those customers will go to another dentist.
What guarantees do you offer?
We offer more guarantees than any other SEO agency we have ever seen. Additionally, we don’t require long term contracts – as as believe that if you are unhappy at anytime you should be free to explore other options. For details about our guarantees, please see our guarantees page.
I am already working with another SEO company (or have in the past), can you review their work?
Absolutely. We love auditing other SEO companies work. Why? Because 90% of the time it’s terrible and we will be able to find immediate changes to make that will bring you quick wins and fast results. There is a short story about an established barber who charged $50 for haircuts. They were great. A new guy came into his area and opened up a barbershop with a sign in the window, “$5 Haircuts!” So the established barber put up a sign in his window saying “We fix $5 haircuts”. Well, we are the agency that fixes those $5 haircuts. We’re happy to audit your current company and will provide you an easy to understand report of all the changes we recommended. This service is not free, but it does act as a deposit, so if you decide to change providers it will go towards your first month anyways.

We provide services to Dentists that bring an ROI…

Years ago, there was a friend not getting what was promised in their agreement with their dental marketing company.

The would be “SEO dentist” jumped in, built a new site, optimized keywords and started a deep dive into content marketing. Low-and-behold, their rankings shot up on Google and the user experience on the site garnered numerous compliments..  the rest was history!

With over 50 years combined experience in the space, it’s our distinct privilege to offer exceptional digital marketing services to our dental clients.

Dental Practice Web Design

Websites should measurably drive leads, sales, and user engagement. Websites can’t just look pretty. Your website needs to act as a growth engine, boosting lead generation and driving new patients.

SEO for Dentists

Everything we do to your website to make it rank at the top of Google so when people are searching for a dentist, they find you, not your competition. We like to say: You rank. You bank. 

AdWords and Facebook Ads

If you are looking to get immediate results with your advertising and have the budget to do so. PPC is the way to go.

The SEO Dentist is not a corporate Dental marketing agency, on purpose…

Month to Month Contracts

We believe if you aren’t happy with the progress we are making and the work that is getting done. Why should you have to stick around?

Transparent Work

We are proud to be a dental marketing agency that offers 100% transparent work. Have a question about our process? Just ask.

Results Guranteed

We guarantee results for our clients. Depending on your goals, budget and marketplace we have a different set of guarantees that we offer.

Responsive Support

Our team usually responds in minutes to email, calls and even texts. Have a website edit? No problem, it takes on average 24 hrs to complete.

We help our clients get more patients.



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