Hi, We’re The SEO Dentist

We help Dental Professionals Get New Clients Effortlessly. 


The SEO Dentist Was Formed To Help Dental Professionals Grow Their Practice’s With Ease.


The SEO Dentist is made up of marketing professionals and industry experts that help take the burden of marketing off you (the business owner) and let you focus on taking care of your patients.

With a combined 50+ years of experience in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and paid advertising the team at The SEO Dentist has helped hundreds of dental practices grow and thrive.

Our work has helped us create partnerships with The Seattle Study Club, The Elite Dental Alliance, The Dental CMO, and other dental industry organizations.

We are Google Partner certified in every field they offer, and have a proven track record of helping Dentists, Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Oral Pathologists, and Prosthodontists grow their practice without having to worry about doing any of their marketing work themselves.




The Team

Dru Mikkelsen


Sage Mauk

Director of Client Relations

Devin Schumacher

Director of SEO & Marketing

Rohini Elyse

Creative & Media Cordinator  

Ray Chestnut

SEO Research & Development 

Phillip Chambers

Client Success Specialist 

Customer Support & Success:

We’ve all been there – you have questions about your account, but you can’t get a hold of anyone who can answer it.

When you work with us, you’ll always be able to reach a real person who can actually help you via email, or phone.

Every client of ours has a dedicated account manager ready and willing to help you with any issues that may arise.

100% Transparency, Always.

One of the main pain points we have heard from dentists coming to us for help is that they have been burned in the past by a marketing company.

Most of the time they say they were spending money but had no idea what the company was even doing.

No one has said that about us.

We are 100% transparent with everything we plan to do, all the work being done, and the timelines for everything you can expect.


We are huge believers in integrity and when we say we are goign to do everything in our power to make your campaign successful, that includes making sure you are the only dentist in your area that we are helping.

We don’t tack on extra fees for exlcusive rights to your area – remember that transparency paragaph earlier? No hidden fees, no bs.



We believe good is the enemy of great, and are here for the long run. The only way we will thrive as a business is to provide results and service that our competitors cannot match. This is our commitment to excellence – to deliver digital marketing services that are indisputably above and beyond our competition.


To us, integrity is everything. From the way we treat our customers, to the tactics we use to help their businesses prosper. We only use industry standard best practices to make sure your business can grow now and in the future. Too many SEO companies will use sub-par tactics that can damage your websites reputation – we avoid these. With The SEO Dentist, the future of your website and business growth online safe and ethical.


At the end of the day, marketing is about ROI – return on investment – aka RESULTS. For this reason, we only take on clients that we are completely confident we can deliver results to. We start by running a market analysis to find out if generating a positive ROI is possible. Then we find the competition and see how much work it will require so we can accurately price your campaign to deliver RESULTS. If we successfully pass both of these steps, we know we are in a great position to help your business grow, and thrive.

Start Growing Your Dental Practice Today!