Work with A Leader in SEO for Small Business

At The SEO Dentist, we have invested years of time to understand the Small Business niche, and consider ourselves of the best seo companies for small business.
In line with that, we have created a program that ensures our clients minimize their risk up front, and maximize their ROI.
It is our pleasure to offer our custom, rank-incentive program to all of our local business clients.
With each of these campaigns, our clients pay a nominal fee up front.  As we rank their sites to the first page of Google, for their topmost valuable commercial keywords, bringing new targeted visits to their site, and clients through their door, our reward for ranking is then gained.
Basically, we get paid, when you get clients!
Our reporting is setup on a month to month basis and all of our clients get reports on the 1st of each month.

You can check out our basic local seo process in our video here: