WAIT! You Might Not Need a New Website

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Time and again, in regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimziation) we hear doctors being told: "Well, you're going to need a new website that is properly optimized". To that we say, "Horse pucky." (I know.. we're passionate!) Hiring a slick web developer to overhaul the practice’s website may be a tempting prospect. Unfortunately, “you need [...]

What The Heck is Schema? (Yes, You Need It)

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What the Heck is Schema and Why Do You Need It? It seems like just when you think your website is fully optimized, the throbbing tech brains down in Silicon Valley come up with something else you need to know about! And while that can be frustrating, there’s some stuff you just can’t ignore. Enter [...]

Best Way To Audit Your Dental Practice

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Best Way to Audit your Dental Practice   Dental Audit Process: Know the Job First Before embarking on a clinical audit of your dental practice, it’s important to understand exactly what clinically auditing entails. Auditing in this sense is quite different from the fearful implications of an IRS tax audit. In the clinical sense, auditing [...]

Best Orthodontist in Dallas : Our Review and Vote!

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The Best Orthodontist in Dallas This is quite the question, with quite a claim needing to be made in order to justify the claim! How can one possibly figure out who the best Orthodontist in Dallas is?   What would the requirements be?  Can this be anything but subjective or is there some sort of [...]

The EASIEST Way to Get Five Star Reviews On Google

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We have made it so easy to give your clients the option to leave a 5-star review, they won't hesitate to do so. A lot of the studies have shown that most of the people trust the online reviews as much as the personal reviews and recommendations when it comes to deciding who they give their [...]

Leader in SEO for Small Business | No Contract | Rank Incentive Program

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Work with A Leader in SEO for Small Business At The SEO Dentist, we have invested years of time to understand the Small Business niche, and consider ourselves of the best seo companies for small business. In line with that, we have created a program that ensures our clients minimize their risk up front, and [...]

Dental Practice Brokers : We Work With The Best! (Click Here)

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Dental Practice Brokers and How to Select Them It is our distinct privilige to work with some of the top Dental Practice Brokers, in the United States of America.  If you are looking for a dental practice for sale across North America, please just fill in the form below and someone will be in touch [...]


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Boostability Looking for digital marketing?  You've come to the right place!   Contact us to learn more!

Seattle Study Club

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Seattle Study Club Seattle Study Club is one of the world's greatest continuing education organizations for dentists worldwide. They provide exceptional resources, case studies, local groups around the world to ensure that you and your practice are always in line with best dental practices.

Prospecta Marketing

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Prospecta Marketing If you are looking for marketing in the dental space, you have come to the right place! Contact us for more information on how to get your dental website ranked on Google and other search engines.