Frequently Asked Questions + Our Gurantees

Some questions we are frequently asked are below. Please don’tĀ hesitate for a second to drop us a message if you have a question.


Will SEO help patients find me?

Yes! No matter your practice area, there are people searching on their desktop, computers and smartphones every day for theĀ best dentist to provide dental care for them. As you know, so much goes into a patient choosing you over your competition but if you’re not appearing in the local results when people search for the dental care you provide, you are not even in the race. We will make sure you come up first, not your competition.

Why Content Management Is So Necessary?

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How To Get Started With it?

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Our Five Gurantees

1. Satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction – if at anytime you are not satisfied, simply tell us why and we will make adjustments to make sure that we fix any problems. We also do not require long-term contracts, so if we cannot perform to your satisfaction you are welcome to cancel at anytime with no cancellation fee.

2. Communication

Have you had issues in the past with marketing agencies (or any company for that matter) when trying to get a hold of someone to help you with questions/concerns you have? We guarantee that we will always have an account manager available to help you with your problems and respond to you 24 business hours.

3. Results

We guarantee you will see improvements in your campaigns KPIs every quarter (although usually every month) Additionally, we guarantee Page 1 rankings for your campaigns keywords

4. Transparency

We guarantee that you will always know what we are working on, and if you have any confusion we are available to give you detailed explanations. We have multiple reporting tools that provide you with realtime tracking of deliverables, plans, actions, links being built, audits performed, optimizations being fulfilled, etc. Additionally we have real time rank tracking reports which you can check at anytime. Additionally, we send out monthly reports and create a 5-point dashboard to track Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Reviews, Citations, and Local Rankings. Additionally, you will have a dedicated account manager who you can communicate with if you need clarification or further explanation about anything going on with your campaign, or the work we do.

5. Cost

Are you worried your marketing campaign may have no clear end, and are concerned that it will just be a big expense every month with no real way to track results? Well, not to worry. With us, we will recommend the desired campaign length for you to be competitive in your market – based on ROI – to make sure your campaign pays YOU once you start ranking for your desired keywords. We only take on clients that we determine (through data) that we can acheive a positve return on investment for.

Still have questions?