Hi! My name is Dru Mikkelsen and I have been fortunate enough to have spent about 6 years of my life living in downtown Los Angeles.

My piqued interest for SEO and the ‘web’ began way back when in 1999-2000 (Man, that was a great year).

I took SUNY Sullivan County’s first ever HTML course. Always looking to be as effective as possible I quickly learned a number of softwares that would help me block code websites, dragging and clicking certain images and text block into place. Then from there going in and making tweaks to the html. From that point forward it was full speed ahead. I made a bunch of websites and had a blast!!

The little lion Simba .gif images on my first full website, that bounced along the bottom of my screen was pure magic. I was hooked.
Since then, the adventures on the internet haven’t stopped.

Many clients and thousands of keyword rankings later, it is a true privelage and pleasure to help clients reach the apex of their online potential, and get in front of their potentially, thousands of customers, just waiting to find them.

Los Angeles SEO Expert

Being that so much of my SEO work has gone on in Los Angeles, I can honestly say that within LA, is where I gained my expertise. Studying the algorithmic changes of Google, keeping up with the webs design and user experience practices, studying from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Matt Woodward, Neil Patel, Moz, Charles Floate and many other masters in the field, I gained the ability to rank sites across all niches.

Now, I offer these services in the Los Angeles area, across the country and abroad!

It is a true pleasure to be of service. If there is anything that I may do to help you get more exposure online via seach engine optimization please just let me know!

In service and fulfillment.