Over 500% ROI in 5 Days


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Calculated ROI in 7 Days

The Problem

Mirabella Smiles came to us as a start-up practice with a limited budget.
In order to minimze its expense risk, and maximize it’s upside for ROI, we engaged a Facebook lead generation campaign.

Our Solution

Within the first 5 days, our optimized Facebook Ad campaign had created 9 new clients for Mirabella Smiles. At a minimum Lifetime Value of a new client at $550/client, the return on a campaign like this is over 500%!

9 New Patients in 7 Days

With each campaign, we provide the full contact details of each new client to the dental office. In this way, your dental office may reach out to your new client and confirm their appointment.

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We help our clients get more patients. Period.