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Why is Reputation Management for dentist important?

Online Reputation Management Strategy For Dentists


The reputation is something that is hard-earned with years of consistent service and customer orientation. It’s pretty difficult to earn trust and reputation of customers and particularly from online community of users. But it takes a matter of minutes to lose that trust with a negative feedback from any of the reviewers.

Maintaining online reputation is an important aspect for any online business in the present context of online fraud and possible miscreant activities from business rivals. Lost reputation cannot be achieved in a single day, but taking appropriate precautions and adhering apposite strategies to defend your web business, reputation management can prove beneficial for maintaining reputation. Leverage to use internet as a free tool increases possibilities of online frauds. By allowing posting any mischievous comments regarding any service, products or activities for any specific website, internet can prove fatal for any business as such.

Managing reputation is one of the important and indispensable approaches for web based businesses. If any negative comment appears about any web business on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) then it surely affects the business and can cause significant loss. Hence, managing online reputation has become an ineluctable strategy for every online business in present context.

Who can benefit from dental reputation management?

Speaking in general, any website promoting online business can generally avail the service of ORM. But specifically there are certain segments of users who need most to avail such services as a strategic measure to defend their online reputation.

1. If your website is victim of online fraud/ unethical rivalry/ business competition

Say, for example you are running an online supply management for cell phones and accessories. You have to compete against a millions of business rivals having their presence on the internet. Some may be tempted to lodge an unethical complain against you with a high profile complain forum and that complaint is visible through your keyword search online.

You need immediate measures in terms of ORM.

2. Is your website is a victim of scam allegation?

There is possibility of alleged scam allegation for say money-laundering websites, if some subscriber fails to get returns on his investment options. Such scenarios are quite common and any agitated user can hype up his losses and post in different forums alleging scams with your website.

Here also you need immediate measures in terms of ORM.

3. Are you facing a stiff decline with your web-traffic due to some unknown reason?

This is another instance of losing reputation. Due to some factors, if search engines think that you are not a valued website of peoples interest, they may degrade your ranking on search engine result pages. This affects the numbers of visitors coming to your website through search engines. There might be other possible causes for the decrement in visitors to your web pages.

You need immediate attention in terms of ORM.


Online Reputation Management is a comprehensive strategic approach to maintain the reputation of any web business. There are dedicated service providers who proffer ORM with their efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. If we take a close observation to the strategies adopted by service providers, we will mark that the strategies adopted for ORM is more or less similar to the strategies defined for SEO. The target for SEO and ORM being distinctly different at many factors, they both have their own specific advantages. While the former targets to gather search engine placements with high keyword ranking among the competitors, the later targets to hold up the reputation and credibility of the website on the arena of World Wide Web.

Let me now explain a step-by-step approach to Online Reputation Management with close approximation to the major effects of such endeavors;

Approach#1: Improve your search engine ranking results on first page of SERP

The sentence I stated above holds good for this section, particularly. Once you have become a victim of an allegation and that allegation is reflecting on the first page of SERP with your keyword search, simply try out a more rugged promotion. This will be helpful for achieving first-page ranking for most of your keywords and the allegation links will be pushed back to other less important pages. You can regain your credibility as a reputed website.

By making a dedicated promotion through reputed activities of wiki-page submission, Squidoo lens creation, High PR blog commenting, highly influential social networking, quality forum submissions you can expect immediate enhancement to your online reputation as well as you can gain rankings on SERP. Popularizing your website with various popular platforms can add positive vibe to your online reputation.

Approach#2: Removal of negative feedback links:

Although the fact is that you cannot remove any link physically from the search engine pages, it is possible to down-grade to an extent that it becomes almost invisible to users. You can also contact webmasters of the websites featuring negative links for removal. If your website is adhering to a genuine strategy and offer genuine services or products, you can be successful in removal of the allegation links from the featuring websites.

Approach#3: Creation and promotion of sister websites:

You can even create a sister site or micro-website and promote that site with your desired keywords. This way the micro-site may gain first page keyword ranking with the promotions comparatively easily than your website. Once you get sufficient numbers of keywords on first page of SERP for your micro-site, it will help you to push the complaint link back to the result pages, thereby maintaining your reputation back to the original position.

Approach#4: Social Media Reputation Management:

You have to create a social network around your website and involve in sharing positive information regarding your website. By participating discussion with online communities and building a credible network of users, you can spread positive vibes around your fan clubs. This will help you build credibility and gain reputation. Your website can gain in terms of visitors and the reputation as a trusted product/service provider remains intact irrespective of negative vibes around.

Approach#5: Blogging:

Maintaining a high profile Blog with your website with information-rich contents can always attract quality visitors to your website. You can also add social media links like facebook, twitter along with your blog so that people visiting your blog can spread your links to their associated circle. Regularly try to enrich the contents of your blog and thereby attract more and more quality traffic to your blog. This can be beneficial to maintain an online reputation as an informative website with quality blog contents linked with.

Online reputation management is one of the most vital aspects to manage any web business professionally and ethically. It also helps in maintaining the reputation and thereby helps in building the trust of online user communities. With a strategic approach and proactive steps for management of reputation, you can always succeed in promoting your web business on the vast platform of internet. With huge and exponential growth to the online world, you have to get your self-status neat and clean to gain appreciation from online users.
As the search engines are becoming cautious about the reputation of every type of web business, the ORM is becoming an indispensable part for any website. Strategically promoting a website can help to build and maintain online trust and reputation throughout the business process.

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