Marketing through social media is one of the core and most potent tools in your online marketing arsenal for engaging and interacting with your customers and in developing a viable community. At The SEO Dentist, we focus on growing, managing and optimizing all facets of social media presence that you engage in, to enable you to maintain your focus on offering excellent care to your patients.

Social media management is not a static and stagnant endeavor which follows the “set it & forget it” principle. And it is definitely not something that can be run based on your feelings about what the community desires or your gut instinct. The strategies we offer are grounded in observable metrics which enable us to quickly respond to the various needs of your prospective customers by promptly providing the information, content and interaction that they are seeking.


Facebook :

A Facebook page dedicated to your dental practice massively increases your chances of discovery and develops a hub that allows you to connect with your audience. It can catapult your business from obscurity to popularity. Using Facebook Ads along with consistently posted timely and compelling content is an excellent means of garnering higher exposure and appeal for your dental practice.

Twitter :

A Tweet, hashtag or even a simple picture can do wonders for your business. With respect to businesses, Twitter greatly helps in directly reaching people who may be interested in discovering new services, products or finding special deals and making purchases from the companies they follow.

Instagram :

Instagram is a great way of expressing and unveiling your business. The platform is visually appealing and provides a myriad of tools that assist you in engaging and captivating your customers in a different and new manner. The network, in terms of size and popularity, is experiencing unparalleled growth and is a great means of sharing your story with a captive audience.

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn focuses primarily on the creation of business connections and as a result it is a key platform for developing your brand and forging relationships. Your business can put LinkedIn to good use by sharing content, staying up to date with trends and connecting with industry leaders.

Pinterest :

People have an innate desire to discover new things and that is one of the main reasons they visit Pinterest. Rich Pins ease the process of sharing everything, from recipes to products, and the visually appealing content you develop and share on these boards can entice people to try your products.

Google+ :

Google+ is often described as a ghost town and that description is difficult to dispute. However, as you may know, Google has not bailed on the platform, neither should you. It has a lot to offer in terms of SEO value with a growing community presence.


  • Facebook maintains its coveted position as the most popular social media website across all age groups
  • 32% of people on Facebook and 68% of people on Instagram engage and interact with brands on a regular basis
  • Nearly half of Twitter users track companies or brands.
  • Over 40% of Twitter users discover new services and products via Tweets
  • About 75% of Instagram users say they take action following a post
  • LinkedIn directs a huge chunk of social traffic, more than 50%, to various B2B blogs

The above stats represent a massive opportunity for you to get in touch with your customers by using these platforms, but many companies get overwhelmed by a plentitude of options. At, we can take care of all your accounts, relieving you of this burden.


When you agree to avail our social media services, we will perform constant monitoring of your various social streams for questions, mentions, complaints and reviews. This is a key element of the process as it is directly related to your reputation while you are online. This information helps us in improving interactions and dealings with your community, which is achieved by giving numerous suggestions and insights for responding and answering your audience.

DEVELOP YOUR PUBLISHING AND SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY is a management company that specializes in social media and can work in close cooperation with you to help you achieve your campaign’s return on investment and cost incurred per lead. By making optimal use of performance based strategies, our experts develop the precise strategy that will be perfect for your business.

We begin by gauging the level of competition in the industry and focus on how your competitors are using social channels. Next, we deliver a slew of packages that comprise items like simple generation of ideas to publishing and production of timely and relevant content you require. We also avail the services of in house designers that can assist greatly in creating excellent graphic designs that draw instant attention.


You can’t just sit back after posting a bunch of links and images, hoping everything will work out. Effective and profitable campaigns succeed because they are creative, engaging, relevant, responsive and entertaining.

An effective social media strategy entails helping your customers from the beginning to the end of the sales process. You can create a need for your services and products by raising important questions. You can assist them during the consideration stage by unveiling the benefits of your services or products. You can also boost your retention rates while they track your media channels following an amazing company experience.


A certain segment of the community does not consider YouTube a standard social media network. However, it has numerous characteristics that place it in the category of social media. Content is posted and people react to it. This reaction generates more reaction. Content and messages are shared. All this is social. However, YouTube is more diverse as it enables video SEO, which has important ramifications as content will be long-lasting and drive more interactions, and reactions that can last weeks, months or several years.


Interact with us and learn more about various services that we offer in the area of social media management. So, whether you require someone with a fresh pair of eyes to consider and make recommendations with respect to your existing campaign, or take care of the entire thing from beginning to end, we can provide the assistance and guidance you need.