Services for Managing and Optimizing Your PPC Campaign


At The SEO Dentist, we offer effective and experienced services relating to pay-per-clicks (PPC) management. This will help you attract more visitors and customers quickly and with ease. By leveraging tools, like Bing Ads and Google AdWords, we assist you in growing and expanding your reach and get your message across to people who are seeking the services and products that you offer.

However, the strategy here at The SEo Dentist is not about “paying it and forgetting it”. We require regular updates, modifications and tests in order to make the most effective use of your hard earned dollars. Wondering if your existing campaign is getting you optimal value for the investment? Think long and hard.

We pioneer in offering trusted and experienced PPC campaign and consulting management in order to enabling your brand so you can offer it to interested customers instantly as they start the search for the services or products you provide.


PPC Keywords Research

Join hands with us to discover and use the appropriate keywords that will lead to the generation of most leads thereby maximizing your profitability. We will conduct a thorough research and analysis of your industry based on the needs and wants of your target market segment. This will help in determining the most compelling and effective keywords for your campaign.

PPC Optimization

The optimization of your cost-per-click along with your bid positioning for yielding maximum financial gain needs a continuous cycle of expert and professional testing followed by implementation in strict competition with other advertisers. We will optimize your landing pages, your ad text and continuously monitor the performance in order to enhance quality of your website traffic, resulting in more leads.

PPC Audit

Explore a world full of new opportunities and cut down your excessive spending by carefully analyzing your current and prior campaigns. We will perform a regular audit of the performance of your campaign to ensure every dollar counts.

PPC Designs and Ad Copy

The challenge with AdWords copy is you have mere seconds to capture attention and think past the advert. We employ designers and writers who will develop excellent ad copy and optimize your landing pages, increasing conversion rates.

PPC Remarketing

Most visitors on your website are reluctant to purchase the product you are offering on their initial visit. Remarketing ads make it easier for you stay in front of visitors, who have shown an interest in your product, over and over again and convince them to try your service or product.

PPC Reporting and Consulting

Our PPC management will give you an in-depth analysis reporting on the performance of the campaign. These consultations will include thorough coverage of items, like cost of each keyword, ROI tracking, conversions and cost of each acquisition.


When you are in urgent need of customers and web traffic, and lack the luxury of time and other resources an effective campaign needs, our PPC advertising offers a powerful solution. Our Google AdWords consultants assist you in:

  • Attracting more prospective customers, boosting online sales and getting your message to more people quickly
  • Streamlining your existing campaigns to reduce cost per click and enhance click through
  • Effectively targeting particular communities and regions
  • Specifying the recipients of your ad based on time and demographics variables.
  • Restricting your ad expenditure by placing limitations and setting budgets
  • Reaching a mobile audience, which accounts for nearly 53% of total search clicks

This is an excellent way of being noticed straight away. Some keywords for SEO and PPC are immensely competitive, with companies working on them for several years to get the coveted top position. However, by making use of our AdWords PPC specialists you will be able to position yourself way ahead of these companies and maximize your return immediately.


Burning cash on a myriad of related keywords won’t solve the problem. When you sign a contract with us, we will provide you an account manager possessing knowledge of precise ad groups along with segment campaigns who will assist you in maximizing cost-to-conversion ratios.

If you have any current campaign, the PPC strategy at The SEO Dentist begins with its audit along with an in-depth analysis of the industry and your website. Our next step is to determine an appropriate keyword to kick-start your campaign. We strike the right balance between highly competitive terms and long-tail keywords, which are cost-effective, yet great at attracting valuable customers.

Selection of the right keywords and bids for effective positioning is important. With Google’s refinement of its search engine algorithm, the opportunities to encourage new customers are evolving. It is obvious that merely watching your ad won’t do the trick. A potential customer often needs a compelling and forceful reason to click the advert and visit your website, which requires excellent ad copy.

We excel at creating and designing optimum landing pages and ad texts that will lead to a greater Quality Score, giving the potential customers a good motive to select you over your competitors. We ensure that conversions and call tracking techniques and tools are implemented for measuring the campaign’s success.


Each campaign is unique and different its own ways and there are a slew of factors that can affect your desired strategy. In other words, there is nothing like “one-fits-all “campaign. Variables like your monthly spending and keyword volume can have a significant impact on the pricing structure. If you want to improve your PPC campaign dramatically and improve your ROI, do not hesitate and give us a call today, we will be more than happy to discuss the various options you can use.